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Cost: £ – you can definitely do it on a budget
Rating: 5/10 – fun to go to but not mad about it
Trip length: 2 nights is more than enough

Flights were £117 return with EasyJet. Double check best prices on SkyScanner! The flight itself is only about 45 mins so over before you know it.

I stayed in the Apollo Hotel which was EUR 295 for 2 nights (£252) so / 2 = £126 per person! It wasn’t special and was around a 15 min walk from anything exciting. If I went again I’d book an AirBnb & stay in the centre.

Currency used in Amsterdam is the Euro. Check the conversion rate before you go!

A lot of people cycle around Amsterdam which is easy and inexpensive (although pretty dangerous!!) It’s not a particularly big place so you can explore on foot for the most part. Get an Uber rather than a normal taxi from the airport as it will cost a fraction of the price. They also have a tram if you’d prefer to get around that way.

What I did…

1- I Amsterdam letters
I believe there are 2 sets of ‘I Amsterdam’ letters but the most famous ones are by the Rijksmuseum. You’ll have fun fighting for a space on one of the letters for an Instagram-able tourist shot (see below!!!)
The Rijksmuseum is very grand & displays iconic art (Rembrandt / Van Gogh) & historic artefacts. If you’re arty it’s a must do. It’s EUR 17.50 / £15.70!

2 – Anne Frank House
This is the house Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution in during WW2. It has been turned into a museum where you can experience her story. It’s obviously harrowing but eye-opening and definitely worth doing. Book your tickets in advance as it gets incredibly busy and you’ll spend most of the day queuing if you’ve not thought ahead! It’s EUR 10 per person / £9.

3 – Van Gogh Museum
Dedicated to Van Gogh’s work, it houses the famous painting ‘Sunflowers’ (and probably other notable works but this is the one I recognised!!) If you’re into art you’d probably enjoy it more than I did! Tickets are EUR 18 / £16.

4 – Red Light District
Amsterdam is very liberal and tolerant – known for its Red Light District & legal highs. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam but not on the streets – that’s why the girls stand behind a window & have their own room. It’s a big tourist attraction so feels very safe to walk around!
The city is also known for it’s ‘Coffeeshops’ which legally sell marijuana. They have menus for you to order from and the staff at the Original Dampkring (which seems to be hailed the best) were friendly and helpful if you’re a complete novice. When in Amsterdam!
Other shops (called smart shops – usually advertised with a mushroom logo) legally sell ‘magic truffles’ (substitutes for magic mushrooms which are now illegal to sell).

5 – Walk along the canal 
Amsterdam is full of canals (165) which have a combined length of roughly 60 miles. They’re now even part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. You could spend hours strolling around the canals / hop on a boat for a canal cruise.

6 – BodyWorlds
If you’re into biology this is quite an interesting museum. They had a ‘Happiness’ exhibition when I was there which was quite cute (and definitely needed at that moment in time!!!!) Tickets are EUR 22.95 / £20.50!

Other things…

Dam Square (on the right) is an important location in the city and the location of many events! The focal point is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and the area is a busy hub with shops and restaurants around it.
If you like museums then Amsterdam is the place for you.
There is a Banksy museum if you want to see more art – tickets are EUR 13.50 / £12!
I didn’t make it to the Vondelpark as the weather wasn’t great, but it is high up on all google tips for Amsterdam – it’s an expansive park with a playground, ponds etc.

Food 🙂
Amsterdam had lots of delicious places to eat. Plenty of trendy restaurants & lots of choice!
I had lunch at Greenwoods which came recommended and was delicious.
Can’t remember where else I ate but below are some recommendations from friends:
De Kas restaurant – apparently this is special but you have to book in advance
Little Collins – for a great brunch
The Avocado Show – if you like avocados and Instagram, this is the place for you

Amsterdam is a lively party place but also has a lot of culture. In my opinion it’s not the most beautiful city but it may have looked better if the sun was out.
I didn’t go out out when I was there but I’d imagine the nightlife would be more suited a group of guys who want legal highs and naked girls. :O 😛

I only spent £150 when I was there so it can certainly be enjoyed on a budget if you’re careful and not there to party party.

Cost per person
Flights – £117
Accommodation – £126
Spend – £150
Total – £393


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