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Cost: £ – can definitely visit for the weekend on a budget
Rating: 6/10 – had a great time but not my favourite place
Trip length: 2 nights is enough time to explore

I flew with SmartWings for £134 with no hold luggage. Check SkyScanner for best rates!

We were there to visit a friend so stayed central with her. Had a quick look on AirBnb & there are some lovely central apartments from as little as £85 per night.

Currency they use is the Czech Crown (CZK). Some places accept Euros too but not all so best to take local currency. This is another difficult conversion to work out when you’re there – £10 = CZK 288!

They have Uber in Prague which I remember being very cheap so make sure it’s downloaded onto your phone before you go. Prague isn’t very big and is easy to walk around, so I’d suggest you explore on foot! As with most cities they have a metro, trams & buses which are an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to get around.

What we did…

*DISCLAIMER* – we went in December so each landmark was surrounded by gorgeous Christmas markets and trees!

1 – Prague Castle
A 9th century castle on a hilltop, it’s now the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. Before this, it was used as a seat of power for kings of Bohemia and Holy Roman emperors.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts an area of almost 70,000 square metres.
There are many palaces and church buildings in different architectural styles, built throughout the last 1000 years. There was quite a long queue to get into the grounds but there was no fee. Although we did not, there are a variety of options and tickets / tours which take you inside the castle!
As the castle is located on a hill, the views of Prague are fantastic. We didn’t have the best weather – I’m sure both the views and the castle would look even more stunning with a sunny / blue sky!
Have fun posing with the very stern castle guards. You can watch the Changing the Guard ceremony in the first courtyard of Prague Castle at 12pm everyday.

2 – Old Town Square
The Christmas markets & massive tree were what made this square so enjoyable when we went. You can buy mulled wine & delicious food from the stalls. As soon as it’s dark enough, there’s a light display on the Christmas tree which was a nice added touch!
Around the square there are many shops, bars and restaurants if you want to get away from the cold. If you’re visiting at Christmas, make sure you try a chimney cake full of Nutella and some mulled wine – they will soon warm you up!!!

3 – Charles Bridge
I didn’t manage to get a great photo as the bridge was packed with tourists – unsurprising as the Charles Bridge is a top ‘point of interest’ in Prague. It crosses the Vtava river and has been there since the 15th century!
It has statues dotted either side (some are quite scary / comical). Artists / jewellery makers use the popular bridge as a busy place to sell their wares, and you’ll see many musicians performing as you walk along.

4 – Views from the Prague Metronome
We walked up to the 75 foot tall metronome in Letna Park! On this hill there was once a monument to Stalin but it was demolished in 1962 and the metronome has replaced it. The views would’ve been gorgeous on a sunny day.

5 – Prague astronomical clock
A medieval clock in the Old Town Square is another top ‘to do’ in Prague. Crowds gather on the hour to watch when the clock strikes as it has a show which lasts a couple of minutes. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but definitely worth seeing if you’re in the area (which you very likely will be).

We spent a day of our trip on set with our incredibly talented friend who was filming a TV series out there!!

Food 🙂
We mainly ate / drank at the Christmas markets but I’m sure if you do a little digging before you go you’ll find plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars.

Prague was the perfect Christmas getaway! The markets make it particularly special – otherwise there isn’t a massive amount to do.
Food, drink and travel aren’t too expensive so if you’re on a budget and can get cheap flights, it’s a great mini break!

Estimated cost per person
Flights – £134
Accommodation – *ESTIMATE* £85
Spend – *ESTIMATE* £100
Total for 2 nights – £319


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