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Cost: ££ – flights were cheap but we spent a lot considering it was a short trip
Rating: 6/10 – had a fun weekend drinking but like other places more
Trip length: 2 nights is plenty

Flights are sooooooo cheap. You can book return flights with Ryanair for as little as £31!!!! Check SkyScanner for the best rates.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on O’Connell St. in the centre of Dublin. There are different rates depending on the time of year you go – for November this year it’s EUR 195 / £174 per night including breakfast. It was great to stay in the centre of it all but you could definitely find a hotel / AirBnb for far less elsewhere.

Currency Ireland uses is the Euro – check conversion rates before you go!

They did not have Uber when we were there but it looks like they do now. We mainly walked around / travelled by taxi. If you want to take public transport then the bus looks like your best bet!

What we did…

1 – The Guinness Storehouse
We hopped in a taxi from the airport and went straight to the Guinness Storehouse! Ticket prices vary depending on when you go but are approx. EUR 20 / £18! Included in the ticket price is a pint of Guinness in the sky bar at the end.
They don’t actually brew / ferment the beer in the storehouse, it’s more like a multi-floored exhibition taking you through the history of Guinness. I particularly enjoyed the tasting room where you are given a baby Guinness and told what flavours you should be looking out for.
We went one morning in November and it was quiet but can imagine it getting crowded.

2 – The Brazen Head
The Brazen Head hails itself at Dublin’s oldest pub dating back to 1198! Really worth going to if you want to experience a great atmosphere in a true Irish pub.
We got a table right away and it wasn’t too crowded. Having said that, I can imagine it packing out and being a bit of a nightmare in busier months. The Irish stew was delicious and so warming on a cold November day. Try to schedule your visit when a band is playing for maximum enjoyment.

3 – Temple Bar
Anyone who’s Irish will tell you not to go to Temple Bar as it’s full of tourists – but I’d say GO!!!!
It’s a busy area with crowded pubs, live music and people dressed up as leprechauns (LOL)! It is packed with tourists so you won’t get a ‘true’ Irish experience, however, it is a lot of fun – the bars are full to the brim with everyone drinking, dancing to the live bands  and having a great time!

4 – O’Connell Street
It’s the main street in Dublin (and where our hotel was!!), it’s busy with shops, restaurants and hotels.
The Spire of Dublin / Monument of Light is at the centre of O’Connell St. 120m tall it stands on the former site of Nelson’s Pillar which was destructed in 1966 following a bombing by former IRA members.
Enjoy my first attempt of a tourist photo pinching the top of the spire on the left.

5 – Trinity College Dublin
Pretty and free to walk around 🙂dub10

6 – National Leprechaun Museum
I’m not sure I would suggest going to the Leprechaun Museum as a priority, but if you have a hour or two free then it is quite funny!!! (We largely went because my boss is a a real life Leprechaun so I wanted to send him funny photos). Tickets are EUR 18 / £16 per person.
It’s a storytelling experience – you are told of Leprechaun Myths and Legends in different rooms! Have fun climbing up onto the oversized chairs to pose for photos.

7 – Stroll along the River Liffey
This river runs through the centre of Dublin and looked particularly pretty at sunset.

8 – Christ Church Cathedral
We didn’t go inside but it’s very impressive to look at from the outside.

Places to eat & drink…
We had fantastic dining / drinking experiences in Dublin as a few Irish friends gave us suggestions before we went.
I still dream of the food at Market Bar (some pics which don’t actually do it justice below)! In the 1700s it was actually a market, but now it’s a delicious tapas restaurant with lots to choose from and a great atmosphere.
San Lorenzo’s Italian restaurant was also fantastic. It’s small so make a reservation to avoid disappointment. Great quality and good portions – the Nutella cheesecake was amazing!

My fave 2 going ‘out out’ places were:
Cafe en Seine was a really fun bar!! Although it’s a large space, the atmosphere is great and the interior is gorgeous.
House is also great – it literally is a house turned into a bar with every room having a different feel. It looks like it does food / afternoon tea here too, but we went at about midnight and it was a lively, busy party place.

I had such a great time in Dublin! There’s nothing spectacular to see so if your priority is sightseeing then go elsewhere. However, it’s a fantastic party place if you’re game for food, drinking and dancing!
I love Irish people and the Irish humour – incredibly welcoming and always up for the ‘craic’.

I can’t remember our exact spend but it wasn’t cheap – around £250 each (although we did not hold back on the drink / food!)

Estimated cost per person
Flights – *ESTIMATE* – £40
Accommodation – *ESTIMATE* – £174
Spend – *ESTIMATE* – £250
Total – £464


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