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Sussex (Volunteering)


I volunteered on a ‘Thrive Outside’ residential for the amazing Free to Be Kids, an incredible charity doing amazing things for children in need of a bit of extra love, care and attention!

‘Free to Be exists to create access to therapeutic adventures, nature based residential experiences and social skill building groups that support the emotional health, build resilience or provide new opportunities for vulnerable children in London and the surrounding areas.’


They’re always looking for more fantastic volunteers! Not only will you feel good about yourself for doing a nice thing, it’s genuinely SO much fun…

We took the kids…

  • Horse Riding
  • Tree top walking
  • Swimming
  • To the farm
  • To the beach (Little Hampton beach is gorgeous!!!)
  • Learnt bushcraft skills in the woods
  • Climbed to the top of Cissbury Ring, cooked dinner, picked blackberries & watched the sunset
  • Camped next to a field of deer
  • Cooked dinner on a fire we made (of course we toasted marshmallows too)

You have to have the energy of a 10 year old and survive on very little sleep but it’s definitely worth every second!

Check them out and volunteer if you can. Or if you can’t, donate! If you sacrifice your morning coffee twice a month and set up a £5 a month standing order instead, you will make a massive difference. This is a small charity all donations directly benefit the kids!


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