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Another amazing mini break without having to take a plane…

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a big group of old friends who love to get away together a couple of times a year in the UK.

One of our friends parents own a gorgeous place in Combe (5 min drive from Salcombe in Devon). There are plenty of AirBnb options available for parties of different sizes.

We met at a London tube station, piled into cars and drove for 4 hours (via Stonehenge) to Salcombe.

*TOP TIP* – plan ahead. We put a massive Tesco order in before we went and scheduled it to arrive at the house for when we arrived. If you’ve got a group who will all pull their weight in the kitchen, (whether that be cooking / making drinks / cleaning up), preparing meals and eating at the accommodation can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. A food order for 1 x dinner, 2 x breakfasts, 1 x Sunday roast, snacks and loads of alcohol amounted to just over £30 per person!!

Unfortunately we had terrible weather on the first day… wet, wet, wet! That did not stop us, however, from a casual 3 hour coastal walk. Soaked through, we changed back at the house before heading to the pub for some beer and crab sandwiches to warm us up! If the weather is good, I am sure there are plenty of different coastal / countryside walks you could do.

We went to a brilliant restaurant called The Winking Prawn on the Saturday night which was ideal for our group as they had a fancy dress box which we took full advantage of.
It’s right on the beach and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was good, but the dressing up box was better 🙂 Afterwards, we got the only taxi there appeared to be in Salcombe and head back to the house for more drinking and dancing.

Despite all being incredibly hungover on the Sunday, we made it back into Salcombe to see it in the sun. Check out Cranch’s Sweet Shop where you can buy all the pick ‘n’ mix / fudge / hardboiled sweets you could ever want.
The beaches and views are absolutely stunning – I can imagine it being idyllic in warmer weather!

Whilst this is a very simple trip, it was so much fun! Great friends together with food and drink is going to be fun wherever you are. The fact Salcombe is stunning is the icing on the cake.
PLUS it was SO cheap. £30 each for the food order, £20 for petrol & £100 for everything else (pub, a very boozy dinner, some extra alcohol for the house & a cleaner) – just £150 each in total! Definitely recommend!


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