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Amalfi Coast


Cost: ££ – it’s not cheap but not massively expensive
Rating: 9/10 – it is absolutely stunning
Trip length: 5 nights is enough time to explore but if you would like to properly relax, you could definitely enjoy more than a week


I flew from London to Naples with EasyJet for £140 with no hold luggage. Check SkyScanner for best rates.

We stayed in an AirBnb in a place called Atrani (10 min walk from Amalfi). It was quite basic but did the job and was a stones throw away from the beach. We paid £266 each for 5 nights (£53.20 per night).


Currency is the euro! Check conversion rates before you go.

You can get to Amalfi on public transport BUT when I investigated it looked like it would take best part of a day. Therefore, we decided to fork out for a taxi. Our AirBnb owner arranged us a taxi from Naples airport to Atrani for EUR 120 / £107 which took about 2 hours.

The Amalfi coastline is made up of steep cliffs and rugged shoreline, so other than the taxi there and back, we got around on foot / by boat.


What we did…

– Atrani

Atrani is a tiny town on the east side of Amalfi. There is a car park at the bottom, but the only way to the square / any apartments is on foot. It has a a beautiful beach which was pretty much empty in July when we went. Because Atrani is so small, (population of only 855 people) I doubt it would ever be too crowded!
You can lie on a towel free of charge, or hire a sunbed for the day for EUR 10 / £8.88! Get down there early and spend the day napping in the sun.
We would buy delicious takeaway pizza for lunch from the square which was just a 1 min walk from the beach for about EUR 5 / £4.50!
I couldn’t recommend staying in Atrani more as it’s unspoiled by tourists. It hasn’t been commercialised and so the Italian character remains. The restaurants are also cheaper in Atrani than in the areas which cater to tourists.

Food in Atrani…
There are a few restaurants in the tiny main square which are very reasonable.

Le Palme Ristorante Pizzeria
This is an amazing restaurant but it is behind the car park so we avoided it until the last night. We regretted this and made sure we had an early lunch there before we left. Fantastic food, great staff and lovely atmosphere. Best food we ate on the Amalfi coast!

Le Arcate
Was another gorgeous restaurant with tables on the waterfront. Very romantic in a perfect location. It was quiet when we went so we managed to grab a table outside, but in busier months I’d suggest you book in advance. The food was incredibly good (although not as good at Le Palme).

Ristorante Da Zaccaria
This seafront restaurant is located between Atrani and Amalfi with a spectacular view. The food was a bit underwhelming, but I’d definitely suggest perhaps getting a drink / pudding here to enjoy the atmosphere and location.

– Amalfi
Amalfi is just a 10 minute walk (through a cliff) from Atrani. It is far bigger and certainly busier than Atrani, with plenty of restaurants and shops to walk around.
There is an impressive 9th-century Catholic cathedral situated in the Piazza del Duomo. We didn’t get to go inside, but there was a light show with performers one of the nights we were there!Amalfi5
There isn’t a massive amount to do, but you’ll enjoy strolling along the promenade, browsing in the shops, and eating fresh seafood / yummy pizza.

Food in Amalfi…
There are many restaurants in Amalfi. They are slightly more expensive than in Atrani, but not outrageously priced.

Gran Caffe
A chilled seafront restaurant where we enjoyed an early dinner. The location is gorgeous but the service wasn’t fantastic.

We also ate in a restaurant in the main square (Piazza del Duomo) which I can’t remember the name of. The pasta was decent, but the nutella pizza pudding was unbelievable (we took half home and enjoyed for breakfast the next day)!
It was nice to eat in the main square to take in the hustle and bustle of Amalfi.

– Positano
Positano is the poster-girl of Amalfi and is absolutely stunning. We went on a day boat-trip from Amalfi which cost about EUR 8 / £7.10!
Positano has a pebble beachfront which was absolutely packed when we were there. It is far busier than Amalfi – full of tourists. It is also very expensive. If you’re looking to stay in Positano, you’re going to pay a hell of a lot more than in Atrani / Amalfi.
The houses / hotels / shops are all different colours and there are flowers everywhere. You can spend the day browsing in cute little boutiques on the winding, narrow streets.
We walked as high as we could and found a restaurant with a spectacular view. I’m pretty sure it was called Hotel Ancora. We enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast but it did cost us a small fortune.Positano5
Positano is absolutely stunning and definitely worth a visit. However, there isn’t a lot to do there and it’s very busy and expensive. We were relieved to get back to Atrani for the afternoon on a quiet beach, and reasonably priced (yet delicious) food!

I would 100% recommend a visit to the Amalfi Coast. It is beautiful, the weather is gorgeous, and there are many cute places to see.

From Amalfi you are also able to get a boat to Capri which is a very popular tourist destination (although I haven’t been).

We spent an additional £400 each when we were there, but we ate / drank absolutely everything we wanted! Included in that was about £100 each for the taxi to and from the airport.

Cost per person
Flights – £140
Accommodation – £266
Spend – £400
Total – £806


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