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Looking forward to 2019…

2018 was amazing – jam-packed full of adventure!

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  • CLICK HERE to read guides to where I went
    (Hamburg, Venice, Berlin, Oxford, Miami, Brecon Beacons, Rome, Lisbon, Krakow, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Devon, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Bangkok)

I’ve already booked a few trips for 2019 and would love some advice on what to do / what to see / where to eat etc.

Can you help? 🙂 Trips I’ve got coming up:

  • Riga (Latvia)
  • Marrakesh (Morroco)
  • St Petersberg (Russia)
  • Miami (US)
  • Zurich & Lake Lucerne (Switzerland)
  • Faro (Portugal)
  • Boston (US)
  • Toronto (Canada)

In October I’m definitely going back to volunteer for the week at the Elephant Nature Park, but am thinking of somewhere else in Asia afterwards. Does anyone have any recommendations? Vietnam? Indonesia? Laos?

I’ve also started a fitness and food account to blog about my marathon training if you’re interested 🙂

Fitness with Shan
Food with Shan

Sending lots of new year love xxx




2 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2019…

  1. Hi, your upcoming trips look fun. I recently visited Riga and Faro so if you might like to take a look at my blog you can probably get some ideas! Happy travels.

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    1. Perfect – thank you I’ll definitely take a look

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