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Fitness with Shan

Hey fellow travellers,

I thought I’d let you know about my other blog in case any of you are interested…


I am running the London Marathon in April this year so I thought I’d blog my journey.

I am generally quite active – tend to go to 2-4 gym classes per week depending on what I’ve got on. About a year and a half ago I started running; it was mainly short distance but I did work up to a half marathon in Oct 2017 (time was 1 hour 56 mins).

I largely exercise to compensate for my lifestyle; whilst I enjoy going to the gym, I REALLY enjoy eating and drinking what I like. I’m constantly on the go so eat out most of the time, therefore, my diet isn’t the best and I don’t get as much fruit & veg as I should. Hopefully this journey will force me to plan ahead and eat better too.

I have properly started the marathon training this week and am feeling a little nervous about it!

I am fundraising for the elephants. A marathon is going to be a hard task, but if elephants can go through the ‘crush’ and a life in captivity, then I can get through a 26.2 mile run. If you’d like to support me and the elephants, please click here.

If you want to read about my experience volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park and the truth behind elephant tourism, please click here.


Let’s see how I go…


1 thought on “Fitness with Shan

  1. Great article regarding fitness and gym. I learn so many things because of your blog post. Thanks for sharing.

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