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I went to Grenada about 8 years ago with my family. I can’t remember full details of the trip as I didn’t plan it, but I thought I’d share some photos and include any info I can.

The resort
I think it was called ‘The Starfish, Grenada’ – a gorgeous, tranquil, all inclusive resort.

Annandale Falls
Beautiful waterfall which you can swim in.

Rum Distillery
Visit the distillery, learn how they make rum and taste it if you’re brave enough (it’s very strong).

Local market
Lively local market with food stalls and music.

We also went into St. George’s which is the capital. We were taken by our guide for the waterfalls to pick up lunch 🙂


Grenada is really pretty but there’s not tons to do. A great place to visit for a relaxing getaway.


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