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Moroccan cookery class in Marrakech

I got back yesterday from an incredible trip to Marrakech! My guide to the city blog is yet to come, but for now I thought I’d share some photos.

Here’s a selection of pics from a cookery class I booked with TripAdvisor (£44.15 per person). It included a visit to a souk to get ingredients (and literally see a chicken killed in front of our eyes), and an authentic cookery class in a riad (starter, main, pudding, mint tea). The riad has a roof terrace which you can enjoy whilst you’re waiting for your tagine to cook.

Was a fantastic experience which I’d definitely recommend!

2019-02-23 09.26.54
Shopping for vegetables in the souk
2019-02-23 09.48.59
Got our ingredients!
2019-02-23 10.14.52
Mint tea

2019-02-23 10.19.322019-02-23 10.23.322019-02-23 10.29.252019-02-23 10.36.30-12019-02-23 10.46.412019-02-23 11.00.372019-02-23 11.01.322019-02-23 11.04.02

2019-02-23 11.04.47
Massaging it all together
2019-02-23 11.30.44
Moroccan salad
2019-02-23 11.39.06

2019-02-23 11.41.33

2019-02-23 11.50.30-1
Enjoying the view from the riad whilst we wait for the tagine to cook!
2019-02-23 11.54.56
More tea!

2019-02-23 12.22.45-12019-02-23 12.23.492019-02-23 12.28.092019-02-23 12.29.022019-02-23 12.36.40-12019-02-23 13.08.38


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