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Buda Castle District

You can get the Funicular to the top of Buda castle district for EUR 6 (£5.40) OR hop on an open mini shuttle bus for the same cost which is what we did – they’ll take you around the whole grounds.
We went in the morning and the inside didn’t open until 12pm so we didn’t go in, but the views are great, we watched a military band and enjoyed breakfast in a little restaurant.

You can walk from the castle / jump back on the hop on hop off bus to get to Fisherman’s Bastion. It’s really impressive and pretty and has amazing panoramic views at the top. Have fun fighting off the other tourists to get a spot in one of the arches to get the perfect Instagram shot.

Again, you could walk from the castle / bastion or jump on the bus to visit this church! It’s the oldest church in Budapest and not much of it remains. You can pay HUF 900 (£2.50) to climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the views.

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