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Migrateful in London

An amazing concept where refugees and migrants struggling to find employment due to legal and linguistic barriers, teach their traditional cuisines.

The two ladies on the night I went (Majeda & Muna) both had jobs in Syria but had to leave when the situation got too dangerous, and they are now struggling to find employment in the UK.

Majeda helped an organisation who was supporting those detained by the Syrian government without trial. She was then imprisoned herself. Her husband paid for her to be bailed out, and she was then exiled and moved to Lebanon and continued to support Syrian detainees. She came to speak at a conference in Edinburgh in February and whilst she was there, she received a phone call telling her that everyone in her office in Lebanon had been arrested. She stayed in the UK, and is seeking asylum so that her two sons and husband can join her here.

Muna studied for years to become an architect, and got a senior position with an architecture organisation. Following the war in Syria, she came over to England with her daughter. Very frustratingly, her architect qualifications are not valid in the UK.


Book in for a cookery class to learn some international recipes, support migrants / refugees trying to rebuild their lives, and eat some incredible food!


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