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Lake Lucerne

Cost: £££ – Switzerland is expensive
Rating: 10/10
Trip length: 3 nights is ideal


Click here to see a video I made of the trip & here for info on Zurich.

From London the flight to Zurich is about an hour and a half. We flew with BA and paid £61 + 9000 avios per person. You can buy flights for as little as £70 return with EasyJet. Check SkyScanner for best fares.

We stayed in Weggis on Lake Lucerne (about 1 and a half hours away from Zuirch). Post Hotel was the perfect place to stay – cute and quiet with stunning views of the lake.
Total cost for 2 nights (lake view room) was £370 (£185 per person) which I think is incredibly reasonable considering the facilities, the views and how expensive everything else in Switzerland is. Having said that, my sister looked to book in June and the prices had shot up so perhaps it depends on the time of year you’re going (we went in May).
You can grab breakfast at the hotel for CHF 15 (£12) per person which is really cheap for Switzerland! The hotel has a gym and a gorgeous spa which are free to use.

The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc – £1 = 1.12 CHF.


We travelled by train / bus / boat. Whilst transport outside of Zurich isn’t very regular, it runs on time. Download the SBB app on your phone to buy tickets / get transport times. If you book in advance you can save significantly on fares. That being said, the cost of travel isn’t too bad even when booked last minute…
TRAIN + BUS – Zurich – Weggis = CHF 27 / £21.50 per person
BOAT – Weggis – Lucerne (return) = CHF 38 / £30 per person
CABLE CAR + TRAIN – Mount Rigi day pass = CHF 57.80 / £45.50 per person

What you should do…

– Stroll along the waterfront 
Weggis is very serene. Take a stroll along the waterfront where there are lots of cute restaurants / hotels you can stop for a beer in along the way.

– Get to the top of Mount Rigi
Weggis is the perfect place to start a climb of Mount Rigi (The Queen of the Mountains). You can hike the whole way up / jump in a cable car / funicular some of the way.
As mentioned earlier, a Mount Rigi day pass = CHF 57.80 / £45.50 per person (with a discount because we were staying in the area).
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 20.59.23.jpeg
We hadn’t prepared and didn’t really know where we were going / what we were doing. We ended up getting the cable car up the first, super steep section of the mountain. We then went for a little walk before hopping on a funicular and jumping off a couple of stops from the peak to walk the rest.
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 20.59.24-2.jpeg
We enjoyed stunning views the entire way up, but especially once we’d reached the top.
Mount Rigi and Mount Emei Shan (in China) are ‘sister mountains’ as the silhouettes are similar. This attracts a lot of Chinese tourists…(who wanted photos with Adam – haha!)
WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 20.59.24.jpeg

– Take a dip in the lake…
It was freezing in May but had to be done!

– Boat trip to Lucerne
We took the boat to Lucerne (return) = CHF 38 / £30 per person. Lucerne is classed as a city and where most people stay when visiting Lake Lucerne. Whilst it’s very pretty, I am glad we stayed away from the crowds in Weggis.

Things to see in Lucerne…

— Lucerne Lion
The Lion Monument I think is the most beautiful and moving monument I’ve ever seen. It commemorates the Swiss Guards massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. Carved into the stone is a lion dying from a spear wound. The lions expression is heartbreaking. Not far from the centre of Lucerne so definitely worth seeing.

— Chapel Bridge / Kapellbrücke 
Wooden footbridge crossing the River Reuss built in 1362 as part of Lucerne’s fortifications.  It’s the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and is very impressive.
It contains loads of paintings from the 17th century. You can still see lots of them, although many were destroyed in a 1993 fire.
The towers have been used for multiple purposes over the years = a prison, torture chamber, municipal archive, local treasury, and now a tourist gift shop.

— Hofkirche St. Leodegar
Roman Catholic church in the centre of Lucerne, built between 1633 and 1639.
It’s free to go inside but nothing spectacular.

— Food (in Lucerne)
We didn’t do our research but there are loads of places to eat / drink in Lucerne. Lots of outdoor seating which is great during the summer. We bought some delicious chocolate from Laderach! Really expensive but worth it.

Where we ate (in Weggis)…

– Post Hotel Weggis
The hotel we stayed in has numerous restaurants – all look great. We ate in the Italian restaurant on the lake which was reasonable (for Switzerland) and the view was spectacular.

– Hotel Central am See
We went for a delicious Thai meal at Hotel Central am See which was a short walk from our hotel. Expensive but no surprise as it’s Switzerland!

There are plenty of restaurants in Weggis to choose from… you won’t go hungry!


I would definitely recommend a long weekend in Weggis. Whilst when you’re there it’s expensive, flights and hotel are reasonable and it’s worth paying a little extra for the view 🙂





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