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Cost: £ – it was pretty cheap when we were there
Rating: 2/10 – not much to see
Trip length: 2 nights is more than enough

Flights (from London) were £39 per person for a January long weekend (no hold luggage).

We stayed with our friend as she was working out there but had a quick look on AirBnb and there are some nice places for around £50-£80 per night.

They use the Euro in Germany. Check the conversion before you go.

They have Uber in Hamburg so download the app before you go for cheap, reliable transport. We used Uber / walked / took the U-Bahn (underground). You can buy passes at the station.

What we did…

In all honesty there wasn’t very much to see and we went when it was very cold – perhaps everything would’ve looked better with a blue sky.

1. Hamburg City Hall (Rathaus)
It’s quite impressive from the outside and open to the public so you can get a guided tour if you want.

2. Elbphilharmonie
This is the tallest building in Hamburg – a concert hall overlooking the harbour. You can go in for a couple of Euro & walk around the middle section to take in the view.

3. Miniatur Wunderland
Yes, we were stuck for things to do and it was cold!
This actually comes pretty high to the top of most lists of things to do in Hamburg you’ll find on google. It is pretty impressive – a tiny world with incredible detail. 15 Euro to get in & you can book online. Fine if you want to kill an hour or so but I wouldn’t rush back.Unknown3

4. Harbour / boat ride
We went for a walk around the harbour and got on one of the boats which took us on a short cruise. Not particularly pretty as it’s very industrial but might be nicer in the sun.

5. Food / drink
We went to a few cool places for food / drinks!
Skyline bar 20 Up has great views – very busy and buzzy. Cocktails aren’t cheap but you as many free nuts as you want which we took advantage of 😛
Nord-Coast Coffee Roastery we had an amazing breakfast here – it was very busy so perhaps worth booking in advance 🙂

Hamburg is largely industrial and if you want history and pretty streets to walk down then I wouldn’t recommend it. That said, apparently it’s great for partying so if that’s your focus it may be worth the trip.

Cost per person
Flights: £39 with no hold luggage
Accommodation: *estimate* £130 for 2 nights / 2 = £65
Spend: £175
Total = *estimate* £279

Other things – 
Speicherstadt – old part of the harbour
Reeperbahn / red light district – people living in Hamburg are actually proud of their open red light district
Bars and nightlife – lots of bars and clubs – most in Sternschanze / St. Pauli


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